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     We hope you find our rich menu of human-interest topics irresistible, making you want to come back again and again. SierraConnection.com is not another online newspaper, nor does it purport to replace any of the good Sierra Leone related websites already out there. It however goes without saying that this website will endeavor to uniquely create and maintain a virtual Sierra Leone community comprising of Sierra Leone citizens and well wishers currently residing in Sierra Leone and abroad.
     Yes! “The more we are together the happier we shall be.” You remember this nursery song, don’t you?  Our market survey concluded that a lot of Sierra Leoneans and well wishers in the Diaspora entertain ample good will for Sierra Leone, and would cherish the opportunity to support coordinated efforts at grass roots self-help and development projects. Equally true is the desire of Sierra Leoneans back home to appraise their friends and relations abroad of their joys and challenges, for healthy dialogue and partnership. SierraConnection.com will also maintain an environment of caring and sharing among the Diaspora. 
     This website will be strong on personal recognition and affirmation. It will be a breath of fresh air from the often negative and destructive slant of conventional news vending.
     SierraConnection.com guarantees to respect the rights and dignity of all. This medium will not be used to attack or defame personalities.
     We will showcase your organization, church, enterprise and merchandise to an unlimited international and local consumer base. We will build and maintain websites of your institution or business at affordable rates.
      Our blogging section delivers news, commentaries and opinions from ordinary (non-journalist) people.
     You would enjoy a fast and economical way of sharing your photo events with friends and relations around the world. Clumsy birthday cards are becoming a thing of the past. While e-cards seem so impersonal. Our unique birthday message board will feature you and provide an opportunity for your friends and relations to send you greetings throughout the day in message board format.  Names and words do not always ring the right bell. Our obituary segment will carry a passport photo of the deceased in our announcements, serving the important purpose of visual recognition. This is only a sample of what your One-stop community website offers you.

Ekushe, and enjoy browsing.

Crispin R. Cole Sr.